During the two-year long Grundtvig Partnership „Enough for Everyone Forever“ four European organizations (based in Spain, France, Germany and Poland) work together to improve educational methods for sustainable education.

All four partners use creative methods to work with adults on political and ecological topics, but each one is expert on a specific approach such as visual arts, theatre or music.

Each organization hosts one meeting, inviting the partners to get to know its context of educational work. During those meetings, we share our skills and experiences both in theoretical and practical ways. Combining our creative approaches, we develop an interdisciplinary action that is carried out in the public space and sensibilizing the audience about sustainability.

What we have learned during the process is then transformed by each partner into an innovative pedagogical concept adapted to the organizations context and target group. After putting the concept into practice individually, we meet for the last time in order to reflect on the potential of the new tools that we have developed and to plan our future transnational projects, where we are going to bring together adults from different cultural backgrounds and use our newly acquired educational skills to work together on a sustainable future.

mercredi 2 avril 2014

Barcelona, March 2014: fourth meeting

The Punt d'Interaccio de Collserola (PIC), as part of the Enough For Everyone for Ever lifelong learning partnership, hosted the international partners from Berlin, Marseilles and Krakow from March 5th to March 10th.

The meeting consisted of four parts. As the partners arrived the first two days were spent working on the integration of the EEE group with the other existing projects taking place at Can Masdeu (www.canmasdeu.net). This was done formally by a tour of the various activities taking place in the valley and by joining the work groups that were active those days in the gardens and the social centre (www.permacultura-bcn.org). Informally communal meals were prepared and shared between the foreign partners and the inhabitants of the Can Masdeu intentional community. This created many opportunities for the exchange of ideas and for getting a good feeling of the local culture and current social issues. The second and third days were spent internally to prepare the group workshops to be help in the social centre on the Sunday. On Sunday the 9th of March the PIC social centre was transformed into a European meeting place on the subject of sustainability open for all those from Barcelona and Catalonia to come and join. The final day was spent evaluating our presentations and preparing for the final meeting.

The public sharing of our enough for everyone for ever ideas was a big success. The workshops that we created through the exchange of ideas with the other EEE partners were well received and through an digital and paper advertising campaign for the meeting over a hundred interested individuals from all walks of life came up to Can Masdeu for the day. To add a festive touch to the meeting and to create an easy invitation to informal discussions all partners prepared a typical snack from their country and these were handed out during the day to participants.

Here below an overview of the public events as they were presented at the time. All the workshops that were offered an the teaching material that they were based on is being compiled into a single workshop guide so that any organisation or individual interested in the subject of sustainability might reproduce them.

Sunday March 9th: Enough for Everyone Forever

During a two-year long Grundtvig Partnership, „Enough for Everyone Forever“, four European organizations from Spain, France, Germany and Poland) have been working together to improve educational methods for sustainable education. All four partners use creative methods to work with adults on political and ecological topics, but each one is expert in a specific approach such as visual, theatre or hands-on. Each organization has hosted a meeting, inviting the partners to experience their style of educational work where we've shared our skills and experiences both in theoretical and practical ways. Combining our creative approaches, we now invite you to an interdisciplinary action that is carried out in the public space and hopes to sensitize the audience to the concept of sustainability and to work together on a sustainable future.

All day → Graphic design and Sustainability - “tree of expectations – share messages for a better
By: Goercn

This workshop intends to give some opportunities to discover creativity hidden in each of us. Participants are asked to play with random words and pictures, to deal with their ecological awareness and let an environmental message go out of themselves
Beside this workshop, graphic designers will perform some panels to illustrate the topic

11:00 – 13:00 Embodying sustainability
By: Punt d'Interaccio de Collserola (PIC)

In this 2hr experimental workshop we will examine the concept of sustainability through our bodies. We will explore ways to build enduring realtionships with oneself, the other, our community and society at large. To help us in this work we will use tools from varying body and mind practices (e.a. contact improvisation, non-violent communication, somatic consciousness)

11:30 – 14:30 An introduction to Pattern Dynamics
By: To-pole

PatternDynamics™ is the first systems thinking tool designed for purpose-driven collaboration. It allows to think collectively about the relationships that form the organizational environments we create and live in and it also helps to collaborate more effectively within living systems of groups, collectives and organizations. The principles of PM are derived from the observation of natural living systems (eg. living organisms like animals and plants). Complex natural systems exhibit consistent general patterns of organisation that have allowed them to thrive for many hundreds of millions of years. During this short intro workhops you will be introduced to the Pattern language and you will apply it directly to a situation from your own experience of being an active member of a living system (your collective, art group, organization etc).

More information: www.patterndynamics.net

12:00 – 14:00 Guided tour through Can Masdeu
By: Punt d'Interaccio de Collserola (PIC)

As every Sunday, we offer a guided tour of the Can Masdeu projects, to share with you our daily experiences in a more consious way. The route starts at our Social Centre, the “PIC”, with a historical overview of the Can Masdeu valley and a description of the various projects that are currently taking place here. This is followed by a walking tour through the different sustainable living initiatives that have been carried out in Can Masdeu for over twelve years now: The community gardens project, a grey water treatment system, the bike shop , a solar shower, composting toilets, etc. We will highlight the international dimensions of our projects and their alternative educational potential, which are pillars in this project of projects. The tour, besides, being a space where we provide information about what we do, we also try to use this time to generate an exchange of ideas on issues as diverse and important as: the boundaries between private-communal-public, the current social situation, ecology and environmental issues, conflicts that occur when trying to develop alternative forms of life and the solutions that we find.

14:00 – 15:30 Organic vegetarian meal

Prepared by the Can Masdeu community and served to you with much love and consciousness about a sustainable future.

16:00 - 18:00 Roundtable: Sustainable financing of the alternative spaces in our city?
By: Can Battlo, RAI, La Base i Can Masdeu

How, in the current economic and social context, within the Catalunya can we continue to fund the construction of alternatives and continue our struggle for social justice? Can Masdéu as an active stakeholder in this debate invites you to participate in a round-table discussion to address these questions. Sitting at the table will be representatives of four autonomous spaces from different neighbourhoods of Barcelona: Can Masdéu (Nou Barris) Can Batllo (Sants) La Base (Poble Sec) and RAI (La Ribera). Each will explain how they finance their social, political and cultural activities and what pros, cons and challenges are posed by the various forms of funding they have found. Afterwards we will open the discussion to the members of the audience.

16:00 – 19:00 Theater and Sustainability - “Talking Things – second life”
By Theaterbündniss Blumenstrauß

A thing doesn´t operate well and we throw it away – trash! Get a new one.
In our daily life we are surrounded by thousands of things. Lot´s of them are not in use any more:
too old?! Broken?! Nasty?! Not hip ?! Too big, too small!?
All these objects can tell us the story about their lives.

We invite You to work with us for 3 hours about sustainability. In a playful way.
With methods of theatre work (improvisation, movement, creating stories/scenes) we let objects think and talk and give them and ourselves a speech for a more sustainable society.
Sustainability for us means: Enough for ever for everyone – from now!
The workshop contents:
  • Warm Up: to get to know each other,/body, voice, movement.
  • Sensitisation for the issue and objects.
  • Exchange of ideas, thoughts and feelings
  • Improvisation in small groups and in the whole group, creating dialogues and stories.
If You don´t have any experience in theatre – no problem!
If You have experience: welcome!

Hasta bien luego - Colectivo de Teatro Ramo de Flores de Berlin: Rabea y Uli