During the two-year long Grundtvig Partnership „Enough for Everyone Forever“ four European organizations (based in Spain, France, Germany and Poland) work together to improve educational methods for sustainable education.

All four partners use creative methods to work with adults on political and ecological topics, but each one is expert on a specific approach such as visual arts, theatre or music.

Each organization hosts one meeting, inviting the partners to get to know its context of educational work. During those meetings, we share our skills and experiences both in theoretical and practical ways. Combining our creative approaches, we develop an interdisciplinary action that is carried out in the public space and sensibilizing the audience about sustainability.

What we have learned during the process is then transformed by each partner into an innovative pedagogical concept adapted to the organizations context and target group. After putting the concept into practice individually, we meet for the last time in order to reflect on the potential of the new tools that we have developed and to plan our future transnational projects, where we are going to bring together adults from different cultural backgrounds and use our newly acquired educational skills to work together on a sustainable future.

vendredi 24 janvier 2014

Self employment and organic bread....

During the summer of 2013, the PIC cultural association organized a 2 month long workshop for unemployed adults (25-40yrs) to construct a wood-fired bread oven at Can Masdeu in Barcelona. Under guidance of a two experts in the field of bio-construction and wood-fired ovens and using locally found clay over 15 people, from Barcelona and without full-time employment participated in the building process. The workshop was a big success and resulted in a novel design prototype consisting of a double baking chamber furnace with capacity for 70 breads, built on a central metal structure covered with adobe.
From the initial workshop participants a core group of 4-6 peoplse went on to set up a small business centred around the collective use of the new bread oven. "La Pana" currently offers 7 consumer cooperatives in Barcelona, artisenal, organic and local breads and pastries, on a weekly basis.
Their sustainable business model follows the principles of more direct relations between consumers and producers, and use of sustainable modes of transport such as the bicycle and the use of renewable energy (wood) to bake the bread. "La Pana" further provides self-employment and a collective economy for the people who participate in it. “La Pana” and their newly constructed oven further play and active role in spreading the knowledge of ecological and handmade bread production through workshops in the PIC social centre (www.canmasdeu.net).

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